Kiwi Syslog Tool

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SolarWinds® Kiwi Syslog Tool will centralise and simplify log message management across network devices and servers

Key Features

More Features

View syslog data anywhere with secure Web access
Create custom views using filters and rules, and securely access syslog data over HTTPS.

Advanced message filtering
Perform advanced filtering of messages by host name, host IP address, priority or time of day.

Advanced message buffering
During heavy loads, receive messages with a buffer of up to 10 million syslog messages and 1,000 email messages.

Forward messages to Network Performance Monitor
Filter syslog messages and SNMP traps from network devices, and forward only the required messages to SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor.

Forward messages to Log & Event Manager
Forward log messages to SolarWinds® Log & Event Manager for deeper security analysis, real-time event correlation and threat remediation.

Syslog and SNMP trap forwarding
Forward syslog messages and SNMP traps collected from IPv4 and IPv6 devices to other syslog servers and log management systems.

React to syslog messages automatically
Automatically send emails, SNMP trap messages, and trigger alarms based on syslog message content.

Quick and easy setup
Manage syslog messages, SNMP traps and Windows® events via routers, switches, Linux® and UNIX® hosts.
Forward messages to Papertrail log management in the cloud
Forward log messages to Papertrail™ for storing and analyzing logs in the cloud.